Administrative Staff 

Leonie Buchanan-Givans
Preschool Director

Leonie is responsible for the nurture, safety, educational and developmental needs of the children in the preschool program. She is committed to support the Christian faith as well as the vision and mission of the United Methodist Church.

Rev. Jill Lindsey Auman
Senior Pastor

Pastor Jill is responsible for not only preaching and teaching, but the leadership of the church.  This includes the FUMC Preschool, Aftercare and Camp.  In this role, she is accountable to establish the vision for the church’s ministries, resulting in equipping the church family with the tools needed for effective spiritual life and ministry within the community.

Sharron Swart
Afterschool/Camp Director

Sharron is responsible to lead, plan and manage an educationally sound, Christian enriching after school and camp experience for children, K – 6.  This includes hiring and training staff; tracking and reporting financial and student progress; maintaining relationships with parents, schools; the community; and the church; and providing mentoring for both students and staff.

Krystie Castillo
Children's Ministry Director
Krystie is an advocate for children in the areas of faith development, Christian discipleship and safety. She works closely with the Senior Pastor, staff. volunteers, and parents to ensure the children are considered and included within the ministry of the congregation.